The Team!

Here at Wakuwafu, we have some wonderful and creative people who share their thoughts. They are all very unique in their own way and all offer very different insights into a whole range of topics! They all have their own blogs that they keep updating, so please do go over and take a look for more of their stuff, every single one is going to make you smile 🙂

We hope in the coming future to provide you with a whole range of anime related content!

Meet the team!

EskimoSeb and Tukky12

Both EskimoSeb and I started this blog last year since we both have a great passion for anime and we also both love writing and sharing our opinion with others! We want to give you the most honest opinions and fairly detailed reviews so you can decided whether you want to watch the anime in question.  We will both try our best to keep you updated on shows that you should give a shot and with anything else related to the anime-world! Manga, random topics, tv-shows, slowly we are trying to branch out into new things that we can tell you about!


Seeing as I started off with Clannad, a slice of life show, I’ve always been inclined towards that sort of show. As I began to watch more anime, I realized that while there are other great genres, the slice of life shows have always remained my favorite ones. It’s just all so laid back but also can get very deep very quickly.

I seriously love writing, sometimes I wonder whether I should make a career out of it! At the moment I am writing a novel alongside other things such as this blog. I am always available if you just want to drop a message by or just want to have a friendly chat! Clannad is my favourite show and the fact that it was my first proper show might mean I also have an extra bias towards that show. For me, what keeps me writing is the community with whom I share my work, after all, sharing ideas and thoughts is really fun and you get to learn a lot of new things that way!

I do have a myanimelist account, if you want to keep up to date on there!


What’s going on Peeps? My name is Lita you have may heard of this typical description before but I am your average anime freak and there’s nothing I love more than anime. I am happy to be apart of the Waku Wafu Team here and bring you some smiles and laughs.

My anime obsession really all started when I watched my first anime ever Angelic layer and from their is how warped I have become to this day, you going to find in my posts I can become a bit crazy and their will always be a dash of humor to them also. I have been blogging since the start of this year, running my own blog LitaKinoAnimeReviews which I was inspired to start by another blogger I followed for a long time now known as LilacAnimeReviews. The blog has been a great outlet for me to connect with other bloggers and just talk about my love for anime. In anime a favorite fascination I have is watching, buying unknown anime’s and then speaking my opinion out on them as these kind of anime’s are never noticed much.

You may notice that my blog name is indeed named after Sailor jupiter from Sailor Moon because she is my babe nothing more to say….. to give you a snippet into my tastes here are just some of my favorite anime’s:

Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, The Vision Of Escaflowne, Say I love you, Munto Tv, Angelic Layer, Aquarion Evol, Full Metal Panic and Elemental Gelade.

 I am excited to be apart of this team and show you what Lita has to offer 🙂


Oh! Hi again there. Seems like you’ve been curious enough to see what is inside this little space of mine. Well, don’t worry, I won’t bite. Come, have a sit. There is more room for just the two of us. Would you like to have some cupcakes? Lucky to have made some before you arrived. And oh! I almost forgot. Would you prefer coffee or tea? Just tell me what you want and I’ll have it prepared.

Okay, now that you’ve come this far to visit. I’ll give you some points about myself.

I have been reading a bunch of books, but not novels, for as long as I can remember. I started reading novels at the age of 15 due to my curiosity of how bookworms managed to endure reading a 2 inch thick book, without pictures, and finished it for at least a day. So, that’s where the title ‘When Curiosity Killed the Cat’ came in.

Coming up with a good site title is more difficult compared to writing a long post or two. It didn’t just pop out of my head and lit a tiny light bulb saying ‘eureka’ as if out of the blue I just suddenly figured it out.

You see, I love cute romances but I’m not the type to love too cheesy ones. I love getting lost with adventure themed books and I love getting back in time with a bunch of historical fictions. But most of all, I love books that are weird and whimsical. Something that would never fail to amaze me every time I turn a page or two. Who would not want that anyway?

Well, it seems like your drink is getting cold and your cupcake is almost finished. I can tell, you’re getting bored already. I apologize for blabbering too much. Feel free to look around if you want to. Just don’t forget to close the door once you’re done. We don’t want nasty people entering the house, don’t we? Till the next time I see you then.