Q. How often do you post reviews?

A. We aim to publish a review every week, with both reviewers publishing biweekly. This means for example that eskimoseb may publish a review this week, while tukky12 will publish a review next week, then back to eskimoseb for the week after, etc, etc.


Q. What is your favourite genre of anime?

eskimoseb: My favourite genre is probably comedy, it’s something anime is in a unique position to do brilliantly, and I love the Japanese style of comedy 🙂

tukky12: Seeing as I started off with Clannad, a slice of life show, i’ve always been inclined towards that sort of show. As I began to watch more anime, I realized that while there are other great genres, the slice of life shows have always remained my favorite ones. It’s just all so laid back but also can get very deep very quickly 😉


Q. Do you have a favourite anime?

A. Both of us love Clannad, especially Clannad After Story. It was even tukky12’s first anime! Many of the other anime we have watched are fantastic for their own reasons, but nothing can quite beat Clannad AS.


Q. Do you have myanimelist accounts?

A. Yes! You can find eskimoseb at http://myanimelist.net/profile/eskimoseb, and tukky12 at http://myanimelist.net/profile/tukky12


Q. Can I join WakuWafu Reviews as a reviewer? 

A. At this point in time we are not looking for any further reviewers, however if you are interested to join then please do email or tweet to us as to why you might be suitable to the task. Remember, it takes a lot of dedication!



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