Looking for anyone to join our little team!

Hi everyone!

We are really sorry that we have not been able to get out as many posts over the summer holidays as we would have liked, both Eskimoseb and I have had a lot of work to deal with before university starts. We love the community and the friends we have made ever since we started out this blog last year and hope to keep going strong, even through our university years.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped and supported us here on Wakuwafu! To everyone who likes our posts, comments, subscribes or just generally likes to read our work, you guys out there keep us going and it has been a pleasure to get to know you all.

Since last year, it has only been me and Seb keeping this blog going and we have had a few people contribute reviews. As we head on over to the end of this year, we ask if some of you guys would like to write with us or would be interested in joining our little team! Collaborations or anything you can think of! We really want to take new people on board, it doesn’t have to be like a serious thing, just taking people and getting to know you guys is pretty darn fun.

We really want to make this a not just a blog for us but for everyone else too!

If you are interested, please do leave a comment below and we will contact you!

Thanks so much again guys!



18 thoughts on “Looking for anyone to join our little team!

  1. Collaboration sounds fun, but with me being so busy elsewhere I should probably focus on my own site for the time being XD

    If the offer still stands in the future, I would probably be up for it. Just need to map out the details since I have been interested in the idea.


  2. WakuWafu I would be happy to be apart of your team, I had been thinking about joining about another anime blog for sometime now and would be able to help contribute a bit to your blog please let me know !! πŸ™‚

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